“Home Town” to be performed as part of “Ioco Ghost Town Days” Oct 6 and 13th

Come visit Home Town! This time of year you’ll be just in time for the Fall Fair. Visit Abby’s punch canteen and try some caramel corn. After the sack races, check out the crowning of the Fall Fair’s Pumpkin Princess. Head up to the haunted house and meet the ghost. Follow Dog around as he searches for his lost bone. Go to the Fairy Tree to ask them for a favor. Watch the young folk play scrub baseball. Skip a rock in the inlet and make a wish. And say goodbye to Louise as she leaves it all for the first time.

“Everyone was born in Home Town. It is where we all start our lives, the place that shapes our ideas about the world. Home Town stays with you, but you can’t stay with it.”

“Home Town stands eternal as we drift through it all, becoming memory and story in the universe of the heart. ”

There is no place like home.

Home Town is a site-specific, follow-the-actors show set in the 1930s in a town much like Ioco. The audience follows the actors around the actual Ioco townsite to experience a day in Home Town. Performances will take place on October 6th and October 13th, at 1 PM and again at 3 PM. Admission is by donation.

This is a family-friendly show. Everyone is welcome—babies in strollers, leashed dogs, you name it—but please be prepared to walk a few blocks as you follow the actors around the townsite.